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How Body Piercing Central Works!

We aren't just a pretty site! We can also be a powerful tool for your shop! Learn how you can use this site to increase your shop's exposure and generate business!

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Body Piercing Central is an online directory of body piercing shops across the United States. It's major purpose is to provide the public a fast and easy way to find a shop in their local area (city/state). Owners of shops may also add their listing to the directory with our easy, online, system. Adding your shop to our listing is another way to get your business out there and allows potential customer another way to find you.

Adding Your Shop to Body Piercing Central
All you have to do is click on the Add Your Shop link in the navigation and fill out the form! When you've completed the form and submit it you'll receive an email with your password. The first time you login your shop will be added to the directory! That's all there is to it! We do it this way to prevent spam/fraudulent entries from clogging up the directory. The more accurate, less cluttered, the directory is the better it works for everybody!

Earning Ratings on Body Piercing Central
Body Piercing Central offers you the ability to have your shop 'rated' on our site. Our rating system works directly with your own website. It's 'secure' in the sense that nobody can rate your site unless they come from the link on your website (this prevents people from spam-voting your shop causing your rating to go down on our site). All you do is place a small snippet of code on your website that gives your site's visitors access to rate your shop on Body Piercing Central. (The code snippet is provided in the Members Section which you gain access to after you register).